Turnstile Manufacturer in the United States

For half a century, Sentronic International has been the trusted name in pedestrian control equipment - we are turnstile experts. From our headquarters in Ohio, we ship access solutions worldwide – whether your project requires full-height, a waist-high turnstile, matching ADA accessible gates or revolving doors, we can provide the best turnstiles available. Crafted in Aluminum or Stainless, our diverse product line of turnstiles offers state-of-the art integration technology – from card readers to biometric scanning capability. We even offer level1 to level 3 bullet-resistant panels on our turnstile models featuring Lexan.

Designer Aluminum & Stainless Turnstiles

Sentronic International offers more full-height designer security turnstile choices than anyone. Whether you seek the sleek security of aluminum, or the rugged strength of stainless for your turnstiles, we have the tools to make your project a secure one. All units can be engineered to meet any security and control requirements – and, they can be created as stand-alone turnstiles, or as part of an integrated access control system.

We look forward to meeting the challenges ahead and offer our manufacturing expertise to help keep this nation's interests safe. And, if you have special turnstile design or performance requirements, or just want to explore more effective ways of employing access control, give us a call - it is our pleasure to help.



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