Stainless Waist High Turnstiles

PassThru 100 Turnstile

PassThru 100
Waist High Turnstile


Turnstile Waist Hight

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This turnstile is ideal for prestige settings such as banks, offices, embassies and museums, this highly versatile line can take on any look. Order these in a satin stainless or powder coat finish with a solid surface cover to match your design needs.

These series are made for years of reliable service in high traffic/volume applications like stadiums, convention centers, landmarks and military bases. The cabinets are constructed of heavy 14-gauge, 300 series satin stainless steel and feature our Enduro Control Head with auto indexing and shock suppression technology. Thousands are currently in use at leading pro-sports venues, amusement parks and high-profile attractions worldwide.


Stainless Waist High Turnstiles

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Venue Series
V500 Turnstile

Venue Series
V500-ADA Turnstile

Venue Series
V500-P Turnstile

Venue Series
V500-T Turnstile

Venue Series
V500-C Turnstile



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