Security Turnstile - Venue V500

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Turnstile - Venue V500-ADA

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High Volume Turnstile - Venue V500-P

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Turnstile Venue Series V500, V500-ADA, V500-P, V500-T and V500-C

Waist-Height Turnstiles

This turnstile is made for years of reliable service in high traffic/volume applications like stadiums, convention centers, landmarks and military bases. The cabinets are constructed of heavy 14-gauge, 300 series satin stainless steel and feature our Enduro Control Head with auto indexing and shock suppression technology. Thousands are currently in use at leading pro-sports venues, amusement parks and high-profile attractions worldwide. The Venue is the ticket to managing large crowds with reliability and speed.

This highly flexible unit can be interfaced with:

  • Biometric Integration
  • Card Readers
  • Coin/token Acceptors
  • Computer Attendance Systems / Ticket Scanners
  • Electronic / LCD Counters
  • Push-Button and Wireless Remotes

For all our models, we offer matching handicapped accessible gates that meet all Federal ADA regulations. And, we can integrate fire alarm systems to automatically unlock units.


Slot Security Turnstile - Venue V500-T

Venue Series


Coin Access Turnstile - Venue V500-C

Venue Series





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