Classic Series Turnstile

Classic® Series


Dimensions | 3 Part Specifications

Classic Series Security Turnstile

Classic® Series


Dimensions | 3 Part Specifications


Monitor Classic Turnstiles and ADA Gate

CS-79, CD-79, CP-79, CW-79, HG-81

Dimensions | 3 Part Specifications

The many features of these high speed traffic control devices are made possible by new, patented features, the latest technology in materials, design and quality workmanship. The Modern Metals Magazine honored these with an award for excellence in the field of nonferrous mold casting.

Dependable and safe

This Turnstile is durable yet operates smoothly. They are built with multiple safety features and are made from aluminum for rust free outdoor and indoor use.


The patented undulating cam mechanism with unique locking principle, self adjusts to wear and reduces moving parts to a minimum.

Self positioning

A proven functional principle permits shock and static-free molded barrier arms to move in to proper horizontal rest position or indent at 120° without reversing, stopping or jamming in a dangerous halfcocked position.


Solid rustproof aluminum housing and cover cap with truncated 3-arm head accepting steel-reinforced molded polymer arms. Housing is 37" high, 11" to 14" deep and 26" wide. Clear 90° open passageway is 16" long.

CD-79: twin version of the CS-79.

CP-79: portable version of the CS-79.

CW-79 Wall Mount Unit is the same as the CS-79 with out the bottom portion of the housing to permit wall mounting at any desired height


Same basic construction and housing dimensions as CS-79 with a single horizontal arm of optional length for 90° movement in both directions. Safe, soft Feather-Touch® operation prevents injury. Control head is mounted to the top cover.


Detailed drawings, installation and maintenance instructions shall be furnished by the manufacturer.


The housing and cover cap are die-cast aluminum. The arms are one-piece, solid molded rigid urethane with internal metal reinforcing shaft that connects to the control mechanism.


Same as above, except the single horizontal arm (optional length) is 6005-T6 extruded aluminum with powder coated finish.


For added security, this arm is available with rounded corner framework of 3/4" OD tubular steel and three vertical rails.

Control mechanism

Advanced modular design is equipped with auto indexing, shock suppression, permanently lubricated bearings, hardened alloy cams and locking bars.


Pedestal standard finishes silver, matte gray, or beige with custom colors available. Cap and arm assemblies are black.

Pedestrian flow movements

Standard movements can be ordered free flow, no flow, and controlled flow each separate direction. Electronically controlled systems can be ordered fail-lock or fail-open upon power failure. Standard setting is fail-lock.



Includes 24 VDC power supply, solenoid, Lock assembly, logic controller with card reader interface.

Input Modules

Card readers, fingerprint scanners, push buttons, token acceptors, consult factory for other options.


Control direction of travel manually by key lock or unlock; may be used to override electronic lock controls.


Reset or non-reset electronic registering counter and anti-coincidence summer for banks and turnstiles.


Traffic light control module with red, yellow, green LED's and audible alarms.


Stainless steel railings, posts, retractable tape barriers - send drawing for price quotation.



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